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My political journey has been a complicated one, one that started off about a decade or so back with me as an extremely left leaning Democrat. I was an Agnostic, and believed that catering to the poor and those in need with extremely socialist programs was something that we as a country had a responsibility to do.

Throughout my twenties my own views began to change. At first it was a bit of a radical shift, because I realized I could be a Christian without being a Catholic. It was something that…well it just never occurred to me I could do that, as the Catholic Church had pretty much talked me out of being a Catholic after 12 years of their school system.

Coming back to being a Christian shifted my paradigm a bit, and also having done a bit of growing up in my mid twenties I began to understand that it wasn’t the government’s job to let me cruise through life without a care in the world. I had to take responsibility for myself, and work to build my own life. This new view on self reliance, along with a stronger viewpoint on abortion, led to me turning to the Republican party.

Now, while I am a registered Republican, I always tended to support moderates for the most part. I have voted for both moderate Democrats and Republicans, basically whoever makes the most sense without saying anything wildly insane. After awhile it was apparent, however, that it is increasingly difficult to find Democrats or Republicans who don’t pander to the extreme left or right in an effort to galvanize their supporters. Also, turns out while I am a fiscal conservative, and very much so in favor of less government, most Republicans nowadays seem to be using this as a smokescreen for their social ideals that they want to push on everyone else.

It was about this time that I fell in love with a Las Vegas magician who began to speak as if he was talking directly to me and my concerns about the government. Penn Jillette exposed me to the Libertarian party, a party that legitimately concerned with decreasing spending, and decreasing the power of the government’s role in our lives. If you want some more info you can check out this 40 minute video of Jillette discussing some major talking points with Glenn Beck, where Beck actually comes off as reasonable as well.

You’ll find that I will tend to quote him a lot when discussing politics, because the man has really well thought out talking points regarding a variety of political issues. I disagree with him on a handful of topics, but even if he is wrong on a topic, he has good reasoning to back up his feeling on the issue.

The longer I have identified with the Libertarian party, the more they just seem to make sense. We have the Republican party nominate a Mormon, who tried to pass himself off as a moderate till he jumped off the deep end to please the Tea Party, and the Democrats who just need to run a reasonably sane person against whatever bug nutty nominee the Republicans produce. Then the Democrats will do what they do best, which is increase spending and create more social programs. To be fair to the Democrats, most Republicans will do the same thing, just in a different way.

At any rate, my posts will be coming from a largely Libertarian bent, I hope they help you see things from a different point of view.

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