The Right and Left Both Missed the Point on Hobby Lobby

Hobby Lobby 1So I’ve been watching my friends on the Right and the Left tear each other apart over the  Hobby Lobby issue the past few weeks, and now it’s hopefully cooled down enough where I won’t get my asshole ripped for voicing an opinion on it. I doubt it heavily, but hell I figured why not butt my opinion in as well. I actually liked the Supreme Court’s ruling, but not for the reasons the Supreme Court gave. If you’ve read my blog before you may have stumbled across my post on “Are Libertarians Being Pussies?“.  Chances are you haven’t read my blog before, so to summarize: I don’t like the government telling businesses what to do. Certainly some regulation of various industries is needed, but I’m a big proponent of most businesses being left to their own devices, particularly regarding most social issues. That’s a very generalized statement of my beliefs, feel free to pick that one apart, as I’m sure as soon as you read that a good percentage of you are already making cases against it.

So you can probably deduce that I was in favor of Hobby Lobby being able to say, “We object to providing this healthcare option”, because the government shouldn’t have the right to tell them what they do and do not provide. I actually hated the argument Hobby Lobby used, however, which was that they were exercising their freedom of religion, because I think that is a really shaky argument at best, and opening Pandora’s box at worst. I disagree with the Left that this is Hobby Lobby pushing their religion on their employees. More it was the employees of Hobby Lobby that was trying to push their beliefs onto the company.

I'll get to you in a few paragraphs, don't worry.

I sort of agree, and I’ll get to you in a few paragraphs.

Matt Walsh, who is a conservative blogger I love to hate, made an excellent point that I’ll repeat: employees at Hobby Lobby apply to the job knowing that Hobby Lobby is a Christian company. (or they should) If the customers or employees of Hobby Lobby want them to change their views then they should organize a boycott, write them letters, use the free marketplace to punish them. Don’t look to the government to fight your battles for you. If Hobby Lobby is willing to own up to the consequences of their decisions they should have every right to. I feel the same way about Chik-Fil-A, and whatever other backwards thinking companies are out there.

Now that I’ve sufficiently pissed of most Left minded thinkers, I have a Libertarian solution that I think you may like. At least keep an open mind when I pitch it to you. Freedom Works and Julie Borowski make a very good argument in their most recent video:

She makes an excellent point. Your boss shouldn’t be involved in your healthcare at all, it shouldn’t be your boss’ business. A great solution to this whole situation is instead of  having businesses pay for healthcare, how about you-get-free-birth-control-oprah-borderwe take the burden of healthcare off businesses, allow them to raise wages proportionate to the amount they save, and have the employees directly purchase their healthcare! A win-win-win scenario. If as a private citizen you don’t want healthcare then you get a nice pay bump, and if you do want it then your healthcare is just between you and the insurance provider of your choice.

It’s a highly idealistic and unlikely option, as there is a lot of money tied up in the government mandated socialization of healthcare, and we’ll likely never see it come to pass, but I am sick to death of seeing people argue over this thing like the government should force one side or the other to do something when they don’t like it. At least with this solution the Right gets their “religious freedom” and the Left can abort a child any number of ways they want, and maybe they’ll all shut up for fifteen minutes. I heavily doubt that one, too. Oh well.


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Why the LGBT Community is Winning: A Love Letter to the Religious Right

To Whom It May Concern,

19 states down…31 to go. Within recent years the LGBT community has managed to swing the tide against the conservative right, and have begun winning an impressive string of victories nationwide for Marriage Equality.

Michael Sam and BoyfriendI am a conservative, so I do in fact read from conservative news outlets and blogs. I have seen those disgusted by Michael Sam kissing his boyfriend after getting drafted into the NFL, I’ve seen many of them yell “thought police” when the Benham brothers lost their chance at an HGTV show, and I’ve been privileged to see many Christians claim to being “persecuted” by militant gay rights activists who are “intolerant” of their religious beliefs.

I have a note for the religious right, and I mean this in the most loving way possible: you are wrong and you will lose. You will be drug kicking and screaming, and from what we’ve seen you will be kicking and screaming the entire way, into a future where “unfortunately” what is written in the Bible will not be law for all people in the United States. Anarchy will reign, as you no longer will be able to control the private lives of your fellow citizens with your enormous private club that has had a monopoly on “thought policing” for the last 100 years.

You know how we are winning? You know why things have flipped so quickly in two decades? Let me let you in on a little secret.

We’re winning because you made us into a cohesive community, and I suppose I should thank you for that. You cast us out, you called us names, you ignored us, and YOU made us rely on each other. The LGBT community is one of the most tight knit groups in all of the world, and you want to know why? We all share a common experience:


JesusJesus called us all to live as brothers and sisters, and you turned your back on us. Despite that, however, we found acceptance in brothers and sisters who did not judge us for who we are, the LGBT community, a group that will rush to the aid of any of its members because for the longest time no one else would.  Slowly, we had the strength to come out into open in front of the straight community, and you’ll never guess what happened? Normal people saw that we were normal people. It’s the darnedest thing that when people see that we’re just like them they stopped hating us and believing your lies about us.

On a truly unfortunate note, apparently a lot of you folks haven’t gotten the memo yet that you can’t control our lives any longer, and that you at the very least are going to have to live with us working for the same businesses you do, eating at the same restaurants you do, and having the same rights under the government that you have enjoyed since the late 1700s.

So while multiple courts (including the Supreme Court) have ruled on our side, multiple states have struck down “traditional marriage” laws and bans, and public opinion has swung to our point of view I can’t help but wonder…what do you have left?

You have your own archaic interpretation of a book you cling to as you violate its very principles, you have a point of view that is so selfishly skewed I can’t help but feel pity for you as you wallow in your jealousy of our community possibly gaining the rights you try to keep from us, and lastly you have your crumbling institutions that followers are flocking from in droves because of scandal and hypocrisy.

It’s no wonder you don’t care about being on the right side of history, you don’t seem to care about much else besides keeping what you believe is yours to yourselves.

If you’ve ever read anything else I have written you may be confused because this letter seems to be the antithesis of how I feel people should win over the other side. You would be right. That said, I feel strongly that it is our responsibility to call others to reason when they are lost.

I have said what I have said here because so many of our religious brothers and sisters have proven that they are so very, very lost.

Peter Fitzpatrick Jr.

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What’s On My Mind

So day three of the Zero to Hero challenge is to talk about “What’s on my mind”, or rather why did I start up my blog. This coincides with a topic that I wanted to talk about, which hits remarkably close to why I started my blog, so I suppose that’s rather fortuitous. What I want to talk about today is the Duck Dynasty/A&E issue, as well as the Chris Kluwe statement that came out last week.

I started this blog mainly because I see a lot of hypocrisy out there. One week conservatives will be in an uproar over an issue that liberals are defending, and then the next week the pendulum shifts and the liberals are defending the same issue the conservatives were defending the week before.  It drives me bonkers, and the Chris Kluwe/Duck Dynasty stuff is case in point. Let’s look at some of those headlines and Tweets regarding Duck Dynasty. I’m not going to tediously detail what went down, you are all probably sick of hearing about it already. If you haven’t here is a decent rundown of what occurred.

Duck Dynasty

Duck Dynasty 2

We’ll put aside the point that no one was actually infringing on Phil Robertson’s free speech, rather he was just suffering the consequences for opening his mouth and practicing his right to free speech, and get to a contrasting point of view: Chris Kluwe. He came out this week in a Deadspin article saying he was fired for his views on Marriage Equality. Let’s see what conservatives had to say about Kluwe being fired for expressing his own free speech…

Kluwe Conservative PostsNow as as Libertarian I feel that both organizations should have every right to fire whomever they want for whatever views they espouse. Running a business should be about your bottom line, and if you want to sacrifice your bottom line for a political view or similar reason that’s your business. It’s why I kept my mouth shut during the Duck Dynasty thing, (other than to ridicule Joe Bob up there on his fashion choices) and now it is why I’m super pissed about the Kluwe issue.

Folks seem to like to throw out arguments when it only suits their agenda nowadays,  and there is no better litmus test for hypocrisy in your world views than this. Where did all those conservative talking heads that defended Robertson and his “free speech” go? For that matter, where the fuck were all the liberals the are supporting Kluwe when Robertson was fired? Both sides bloody turn my stomach, because there is no consistency in anything anyone is saying.

I don’t care which side you are on in either issue, just for the love of God please try to stay consistent in your criticisms when this kind of stuff happens.

I'm a Zero to Hero Blogger!

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Who I Am, and Why I’m Here

WordPress is sponsoring an event called “Zero to Hero”, which is encouraging bloggers to update and post content over the next 30 days. Since I’ve been way to busy recently to work up content for my blog I figured this would be a good way to get started posting regularly again. The first task is to post a “Who I Am, and Why I’m Here” blog, so here we go.

nagashI’ve had an interest, bordering on addiction, in gaming since I was in grade school. It started with video games and Warhammer Fantasy miniatures, and evolved throughout my high school years as I became closer friends with more and more gamers.  They always accepted me, and I have some of my fondest memories with them. It’s not hard to imagine how I evolved into the game consuming junkie I am today. Games have always played a major role in my life, and I imagine they always will.

Politics is a bit of a different animal for me. I grew up with mostly liberal friends, and being a closeted gay man as well as a raging socialist, I was most solidly a Democrat. It wasn’t until years later, when I finally began to work and have to take responsibility for myself, that I began to have wildly more conservative views. It was probably during the George W. Bush administration that I changed over from being a Democrat to a Republican, which is kind of funny in retrospect as I hated Bush.

My views didn’t always fit very neatly on one side of the line or the other. Fiscally I was super conservative, socially I was liberal, but I did have noticeable variations on topics like abortion. I generally like to think that politically speaking I’m neither a Democrat or a Republican, but that I’m perhaps in a third camp with most other Americans that I’d likely just call “sane”.  I’m now of the opinion that most of the time the two party way of thinking is truly hurting America, and it took Jon Stewart going on Crossfire several years ago to really drive that point home for me.

We get so tunnel visioned in the last few decades that I think politically people really do stick to their guns, even when they’re pointing backwards. Perhaps especially when they’re pointing backwards, and this is mainly because not being wrong is very important to a lot of people. I would say it’s especially important to people that take more than a passing interest in politics.

Hypocrisy was something that always bothered me, and it bothered me equally as much when people blindly defended George W. Bush as it does when people blindly defend Barack Obama. To try to deny that the two of them were/are very similar in how they conducted their presidential terms is mind boggling to me. I think that a large part of that denial is selling themselves on the idea that either the Democrats or the Republicans are right, and the other side will lead us down a path to the dark side.

Weirdly enough, a Las Vegas magician named Penn Jillette was the one who opened my eyes to a viable third option. If you’ve read anything on my blog you know what a big Jillette fan I am, and that a lot of my views as a Libertarian have been shaped by him. I don’t 100% agree with everything he says, but I do think that he has put a good deal of thought into why he holds the views he does, and he often has inspired me to do the same.

So as a result I create this blog because I wanted an outlet to write about my feelings with regards to politics, and share my love of gaming with other people. It took me awhile to sort out a name, because how ever are you to name a blog about politics and gaming? That aside, I have a fun time putting most these posts together, and I have a real sense of pride in the content I have put out since I started this thing in March of last year.

I'm a Zero to Hero Blogger!

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Why “Hunger Games: Catching Fire” is an Amazing Sequel, on Par with the Dark Knight

WARNING: THIS POST CONTAINS SPOILERS FOR HUNGER GAMES: CATCHING FIRE. I try my hardest to not talk about the plot, but in order to compare this film to other movies I unfortunately need to discuss about the events of Catching Fire. I do try to be as vague as possible, but some plot will be spoiled in this post.

I would also like to preface this post by saying I wanted nothing more than to despise the Hunger Games as tween drivel, something for young girls to go ga-ga over like Twilight.  I caught the first movie on Netflix not too long ago, and I was pleasantly surprised that for a movie/book geared towards young adults it actually had some really adult themes in it. More so than that, it was fairly well written. Definitely worth watching.

Now, in order to discuss Catching Fire as a sequel we need to discuss other blockbuster sequels, and so we will be referencing the following throughout this post: “Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest“, “Star Wars Episode 2: Attack of the Clones”, “The Matrix Revolutions”, “The Dark Knight”, and weirdly enough “Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me” & “Austin Powers in Goldmember”. ALL OF THAT OUT OF THE WAY, let’s have some discussion on the finer points of sequels.


Elizabeth Swann

I really hate her character arc.

A problem with many series is that the main characters(s) achieve a full character arc in the first outing, and oftentimes when they walk into the sequel they have lost the innocence that was most likely a plot point in the first film. This theme lost, coupled oftentimes with the loss of the mystery and wonder of first stepping into the world of the original film, can make a story fall flat. “Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest” takes this to ridiculous levels by having characters like Elizabeth Swann and Will Turner completely shed any level of innocence and/or trust the audience may have associated with them. It gets to such dizzying levels that looking back on those films the only character you could truly trust to do what he said he would do was Captain Barbosa, and when Barbosa is the most trustworthy person in your movie perhaps you’ve made an error in developing your characters.

This is where Catching Fire shines. We come back to Katniss in her home district, and she is apparently suffering from post traumatic stress disorder after having participated in the previous Hunger Games.  Yes, she has grown from when we last left her, but she is not a cold hearted killer. She regrets what she had to do, and she hates having to do the bidding of the President. We get to see a new arc throughout Catching Fire of how she turns into the revolutionary she no doubt will be in the third movie, and it is done masterfully by the process of…


Anakin and Obi-Wan

Best buddies.

“Star Wars Episode 2: Attack of the Clones” fails on a lot of levels, and the principle of “Show It, Don’t Say It” is one of the big ones. We are constantly bombarded in this movie by people telling us what good friends Anakin and Obi-Wan are, and we are constantly told by Anakin and Padme how much they love each other. We are not shown this. There are very few scenes demonstrating the friendship between the two Jedi, or the love shared by Anakin and Padme. These types of scenes would have better served the plot, rather than pointless action sequences that go on waaay longer than they should.

Catching Fire again hits this principle on the proverbial nose. We are not told that Katniss is torn between Gale and Peeta, we are shown why she is torn. We empathize and understand how she could love a man from her home district, while at the same point developing feelings for the boy who helped save her in the last Hunger Games, the boy who she has to share the burden of being a victor with for the rest of her days.

Futhermore, we get to see Katniss develop into a revolutionary. It’s not by choice, and we are not told that she is a revolutionary. Never in the movie does she even say anything like “Snow is going to pay!” or “We’re going to get these bastards!”. That actually give these types of lines to another character, to show the conflict within Katniss. She constantly is fighting to survive, she is constantly fighting to keep what she loves, and when we finally see her pushed to the brink we watch as she changes, she undergoes a metamorphosis into what we’ve wanted her to become.


Trinity Matrix

This is what we want in a Matrix movie.

This actually applies more to the third films in the Matrix and Batman series more than their sequels, but it still bears discussion. Fans of the Matrix came to those movies to see the main characters kick ass in the Matrix. They didn’t come to see a band of stragglers trying to barley survive in a dystopian world. The Matrix is empowering, giving us the ability to dodge bullets, fly, essentially do whatever it is we wish we had the power to do. The real world sucks.  I didn’t come to see ordinary people get their asses kicked in some sort of hopeless last stand scenario. It’s depressing, it’s boring, I didn’t come to see this.

The same is true of “Dark Knight Rises”. I came to see a Batman movie. I want the detective, I want gadgets, I want Batman kicking ass. Alternatively I don’t mind him getting his ass kicked. I do not want to come to a movie and watch 45 minutes of Bruce Wayne and company giving every excuse in the book as to why he is not in the Batman suit taking down crime. It’s depressing, it’s boring, and again I didn’t come to see this.

This is actually a place where Hunger Games may fall short as well. Coming into a Hunger Games movie/book we sort of expect and want the Hunger Games. We want a giant dome filled with dangerous obstacles and traps, with a dozen or so other people trying to kill the protagonist. This revolution build up has been awesome, but if they can’t deliver on what the audience has come to expect from their movies in some way than this will be a problem for the third movie. They’re fine as of the second film, but I can foresee trouble on the horizon with this one.


We’re going to cover a lot of ground on this one, but they all tie together in one way or another. All sequels by nature have to A) get all the characters back together, B) raise the stakes from the previous story, and as a result C) the spectacle will have to be much greater this time out. How these three pieces are handled is what can really make or break a sequel.  In the first film in a series we have the luxury of the world building to add to the storyline. In the second and third films we’ve made the world, now we get to play in it.

The Austin Powers films are a good example to reference because they make fun of this whole process by hanging a lampshade on it. In each of the sequels they give the weakest of reasons why Austin needs a new female sidekick, and why he has to stop Dr. Evil again. In addition, they ensure that in each sequel the stakes are raised to a new level and that the spectacle is bigger and better than the preceding movie. This clip from Goldmember sort of gives good definition to what I’m talking about.

The Dark Knight straddles the line of good and bad in this respect. The higher stakes, the hook, and the spectacle creep that the Joker brought to this film seem reasonable if you check all your logic at the door, and put your mind in neutral. That said, the Joker’s plot is impossibly convoluted, with any number of stages in it that could have gone horribly wrong if not executed perfectly by his henchmen. They resort to a number of macguffins and extraordinarily complicated plot devices to execute the story, all of which were unnecessary. The plot seems ridiculous when you re-hash it out loud. The Dark Knight Rises could be another article unto itself in this respect, but suffice to say it only got worse in the third Batman film.

Considering most people with a plan couldn't get all that crap to work, I almost believe you.

Considering most people with a plan couldn’t get all that crap to work, I almost believe you.

Again, Catching Fire got this exactly right. The hook, the raising of the stakes, and the spectacle creep were just about perfect in this film. We got to see everything we came back to a Hunger Games movie for, and they gave us just enough of each portion where I felt pretty happy with the balance. The hook, wherein they get Katniss and Peeta back into the Hunger Games, made perfect sense as the President was attempting to kill them while at the same point squashing any hope of a rebellion. They didn’t go overboard trying to add a ton of over the top action sequences, but they raised the stakes by having all the Tributes be winners of previous Hunger Games.

I actually believe this man can do anything.

I actually believe this man can do anything.

The convoluted portion of the plot that is explained at the end by Phillip Seymour Hoffman’s character actually makes perfect sense, and in retrospect looking back at the movie you can see all the puzzle pieces fitting together. You cannot say that about the Dark Knight, no matter how much you like Heath Ledger’s acting.

In addition, Hoffman’s character is a former Games Master for the Hunger Games. It makes 100% sense that he would know how to manipulate people like pieces on a chess board, and that he would have the intelligence and the cunning to pull off a plan as complex as what he laid out. It actually makes me a little giddy looking back and thinking about the moves he laid out.

All that said, I could gush on a bit more about other things they did right, but I just wanted to touch on a handful of points regarding sequels I thought they did amazingly well.  It’s become rare nowadays that a sequel doesn’t absolutely suck, and I was very happy to see that they didn’t fall into the traps that many other series did.

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Hearthstone: Blizzard Please Take My Money

When Blizzard first announced they were working on an electronic card game I was completely disinterested. I’m a bit old fashioned in that I prefer my books to be something I can physically hold, that my movie collection be something I can touch as well as showcase, and that if I play a collectible card game (CCG) then I want to actually own real cards that I can sort in a binder.  I don’t like the idea that if a company goes belly up some day that all my electronic property disappears.

Demon HunterAlso, while Diablo 3 was enjoyable, Blizzard promised a bunch of features like PVP that were never delivered, and fell down pretty badly in the first few days after the release when the servers were highly unstable. Couple that with what were considered some pretty egotistical design statements and gaffes, well, let’s just say I was a giant Blizzard fan boy back in the day, not so much anymore.

Hearthstone also comes after Blizzard announced the end of the World of Warcraft trading card game, which they had supported through twenty one sets from 2005-2013. Apparently the last few sets did well commercially, but I imagine it wouldn’t have been smart to try and push an electronic CCG and a table top trading card game (TCG) at the same time. I’ve played a number of card games in the past, like Doomtown, that ended up losing support, and I hate it every time. I feel like all the time and money I invested is a bit of a waste when that happens. I suppose not every game can be Magic or Pokemon, but this is probably why I’m not a big CCG or TCG player anymore.

All that said, my tune changed drastically after Blizzard began their closed beta. In what could be one of the smartest moves Blizzard has made in recent years, Blizzard started a small contained test run, inviting mostly streamers and popular Youtube gaming personalities. At first I resisted the urge to watch any of the videos, but after peeking at one or two I was really impressed. Totalbiscuit goes over the basics in his video “WTF is…Hearthstone”.

It could be the nostalgia, it could be the solid gameplay mechanics, but I want this game in the worst possible way now. Honestly, it’s probably a number of factors combined. This time around, unlike larger titles like Starcraft or Diablo, Blizzard went with a smaller team of designers. They devoted the team towards making a simple free to play CCG that with all the thematic flair of the Warcraft universe. While I likely will spend money, I appreciate the ability to acquire resources through game play. That was a major factor in keeping me interested in League of Legends, and it seems they are dedicated to the same sort of model where you don’t necessarily have to “pay to win”.

OnyxiaThe game also brings back a lot of my memories from when I used to play World of Warcraft. Lots of familiar faces here, and lots of mechanics in the game that remind you of playing WoW. I nearly have gone and picked up WoW again because watching people play Hearthstone has reminded me of the good times when the game was simpler, the level cap was 60, and Onyxia was actually end game content. I’ve found myself going back and reading old raid boss walkthroughs, and re-reading old lore posts.

Blizzard definitely has a winner here. With all the hype they’ve built up over the game’s release the only ways this could go wrong is if they keep pushing the game’s release back further, or if they fail to put out more content in a timely fashion after the first card set goes stale. I’m already getting a little over it, as I’ve been watching streams and videos for over a month at this point, but I think they’re getting pretty close to an open beta stage.

All in all I will happily admit Blizzard proved me wrong on this one. Weirdly enough, I’ve been wanting a good excuse to pick up an iPad, and apparently Heartstone is set for a cross platform release. I may skip the next generation of consoles and pick up a tablet instead.

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Al Jazeera America, Al Gore, and Mike Castle

Al Jazeera America (AJAM) was launched on August 20th, and definitely not without some controversy. As the network is owned and operated by the same family that owns its sister station, Al Jazeera, people have naturally been a little suspicious of the network’s motives. They are both owned by a member of the royal family of Qatar, who has been known to have ties to funding Hamas and the Muslim Brotherhood in the past. The network was also condemned by the United States government for broadcasting videos from Osama bin Laden, along with other pro-terrorist propaganda.

AJAM is the second foray of Al Jazeera into American television, this time buying Al Gore’s Current TV in an attempt to reach a wider audience in the United States. Originally they had planned to broadcast 60% of their programming from the United States, while 40% of the programming would be from the Qatar based Al Jazeera English, but the New York Times has reported that AJAM is now planning to have 100% of its material come from the United States.

In an effort to avoid backlash from Washington, AJAM has secured a number of lobbyists to try to pacify concerns many politicians have with the network’s possible content. Former Delaware Representative, Mike Castle, is amongst those lobbyists. In a rather biased News Journal piece, the paper discussed what they considered to be the odd pairing of Al Jazeera and Castle, with Castle attempting to explain why he is working with the network.

Mike Castle OfficialCastle helped pacify any in Congress who may have been tempted to hit the outrage button and decry the TV network that, in its home region, was the broadcast outlet for Osama bin Laden’s taped dispatches.

“I was brought into it in terms of talking to and making contacts with some of the offices on the hill, and talking to them or their staffs about what [Al Jazeera is] doing and how they’re going to operate,” Castle said.

Castle said it will be up to Al Jazeera America to prove its commitment to high journalistic standards. Though Castle said he knows of no “master plan” for further Al Jazeera lobbying efforts, DLA Piper is still on retainer.

-Excerpts from News Journal piece “Al Jazeera Gets Help from Castle”

Some pundits and politicians have come out against AJAM as you’d expect, particularly Glenn Beck who believes that the network is going to serve nothing but anti-American propaganda, and Republican Assemblyman Kieran Michael Lalor who had this to say about Al Gore and Mike Castle:

Mr. Assemblyman, I’m actually going to have to answer (D) None of the above. The only “despicable” thing going on here is the attempt at shaming people for actively participating in freedom of the press, as well as an overt stab at trying to shutdown the free marketplace of ideas. Al Jazeera America has brought on numerous employees from other news outlets such as Frontline, Time Magazine, and CNN in an effort to solidify that they are an American news outlet for American audiences. Thus far AJAM has conducted themselves in what many would consider to be a refreshingly neutral manner, reporting the news without the bias that many media outlets like CNN, MSNBC, and Fox News clearly show on a day to day basis.

I can only wonder if all this uproar over AJAM is because unlike the other outlets, Al Jazeera may actually produce real news. Thus far the network has drawn pathetic ratings, and I fear that may be because American audiences tend to favor more polished, sensationalistic approaches to journalism. I’m just grateful for now that we have another point of view to choose from.

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