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Al Jazeera America, Al Gore, and Mike Castle

Al Jazeera America (AJAM) was launched on August 20th, and definitely not without some controversy. As the network is owned and operated by the same family that owns its sister station, Al Jazeera, people have naturally been a little suspicious

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A Personal Tribute to Fred Rogers

This may be a couple years late, but I’ve been wanting to spend some time talking about the people I have admired throughout my life, and one man that I believe deserves a great deal of praise and admiration is

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This Week in Internet Outrage

I was hesitant about what to call this piece. The original name was “A Racist, a Transphobe, and a Misogynist Walk Into a Bar”, but I decided against it. Probably because given some of my opinions on the events of

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Top Favorites in Game of Thrones

The title may be a little misleading, you could interpret it as me trying to say my top favorites to win the actual “Game of Thrones”. I think we all know at this point no one really wins, but along

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Delaware Nerd is Open for Business

So after watching friends of mine that have waaay more responsibilities than I do vlog and blog about their various interests I’ve decided that it’s time I jumped into the realm and start doing some writing myself. I’m going to

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