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The Transgender Community Needs Our Support

You’ll forgive me if this post is confusing, but I won’t be referring to Leelah Alcorn by her deadname, nor will I be referring to her with any pronouns other than what she wanted. Also, please pardon me if this

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Open Letter to All the Big Damn Heroes of the Internet

Some of you may recall a piece I wrote on Rae Stabosz being attacked outside of Planned Parenthood. Rae asked for the opportunity to write a guest piece for my blog regarding a project she is looking to have funded. Here it

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The Right and Left Both Missed the Point on Hobby Lobby

So I’ve been watching my friends on the Right and the Left tear each other apart over the  Hobby Lobby issue the past few weeks, and now it’s hopefully cooled down enough where I won’t get my asshole ripped for

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Why the LGBT Community is Winning: A Love Letter to the Religious Right

To Whom It May Concern, 19 states down…31 to go. Within recent years the LGBT community has managed to swing the tide against the conservative right, and have begun winning an impressive string of victories nationwide for Marriage Equality. I

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Exceptional Care for Children: Magical Journey 2013

About a year ago I participated in Ignite Newark, which is an event where a number of presenters come together to talk about a pretty wide variety of topics. I was told I could do any topic, with the catches

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A Personal Tribute to Fred Rogers

This may be a couple years late, but I’ve been wanting to spend some time talking about the people I have admired throughout my life, and one man that I believe deserves a great deal of praise and admiration is

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A Sane Person’s Guide to Abortion Regulation

You and I may very well disagree on whether or not abortion should be legal. You and I may disagree on when we should define a fetus as a person. I find that most regular, ordinary people like to keep

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