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Didn’t Ben Affleck Ruin One Comic Book Movie Already?

Warner Bros. have announced that Ben Affleck will be playing Batman in the upcoming “Man of Steel” sequel. Now, I am a DC comic fanboy. I rarely read anything Marvel produces, and have almost always preferred DC superheroes to Marvel

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Top Favorites in Game of Thrones

The title may be a little misleading, you could interpret it as me trying to say my top favorites to win the actual “Game of Thrones”. I think we all know at this point no one really wins, but along

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The Wonderful Land of Oz

I went to see Oz the Great and Powerful over the weekend, and instead of doing a review of the movie, which was decent, I thought I’d geek out a bit and discuss the lore of the land of Oz.

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Delaware Nerd is Open for Business

So after watching friends of mine that have waaay more responsibilities than I do vlog and blog about their various interests I’ve decided that it’s time I jumped into the realm and start doing some writing myself. I’m going to

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