Delaware Voting Guide: How I’m Voting Tomorrow

Since many of you are not from the same state district as I am, I’m not going to bother talking about those election races. I’m only going to discuss statewide races here. For more information on any candidate you can check out the News Journal’s voting guide, but just keep in mind they have a liberal bias most the time:

Democrats are on the left, Republicans on the right.

United States Senate Race:
Senator Chris Coons v. Kevin Wade
I’m voting for: Chris Coons

I’m voting for Chris Coons simply because Kevin Wade is the typical crazy-ass conservative that the Delaware GOP has been trying to field in Senate races for the past 4 years now. The Delaware GOP appears to not even care to consider moderates anymore when we’re discussing national offices. For Kevin Wade our #1 issue today is securing our country’s southern border:

I’m sorry, but as a Delaware voter I am concerned with that, but that area is not my #1 concern. He wants to lower taxes, but says he wants to spend more on roads. Where is that money coming from? He supports the raising of the minimum wage, which is enough for any fiscally conservative Republican or Libertarian to go running. I’m not 100% happy with Coons, and I don’t like all the legislation that he’s pushed in the past, (anyone remember SOPA/PIPA?) but frankly Wade seems like he’d be much more damaging in office so I’ll settle for Coons in this race.

Honestly, if you vote for Wade I almost understand...

Honestly, if you vote for Wade I almost understand…

United States House of Representatives Race:
Congressman John Carney v. Rose Izzo
I’m voting for: Rose Izzo

Izzo is a little bit more palatable then Kevin Wade. Her bio:

While she discusses immigration a tad too much for my tastes, she seems to also be concerned with job creation. I have never liked Carney from the get go, and Izzo seems like she has her head screwed on pretty OK for a fiscal conservative. Carney is a typical career Democrat who pretty much sells whatever the Democrats are shilling this month. Because he is an incumbent Democrat in Delaware he’s likely going to win, but Izzo is talking the talk I like from a Republican. She wants us to stay out of unnecessary conflict, and concentrate on jobs. She has my vote.

Even if her voice could be the most irritating thing I’ve ever heard in my life…

Delaware State Attorney General Race:
Lt Governor Matt Denn v. Ted Kittila
I’m voting for: Matt Denn

Matt Denn is one of the unsung heroes of the Democratic party, who by all rights should be running for Governor next election cycle. Unfortunately for Denn, a man with the last name “Biden” has said he wants that seat, so despite the fact that he’s one of the hardest working men in Delaware politics, Denn had to shuffle around a bit and run for Attorney General.

Denn has accomplished so much in the many offices he’s held in Delaware, and has assisted the non-profit and the business community in numerous different ways. He’s helped us keep down workman’s comp rates, he’s helped non-profits and parents of special need children receive the insurance and financial support they have so desperately needed, in short he’s done an amazing job with whatever task he’s been given. That’s the kind of man I want to be focusing on the crime problem in Wilmington, and so I’m voting for Denn.

Delaware State Treasurer Race:
Sean Barney v. Ken Simpler
I’m voting for: Ken Simpler

Tough call here. Sean Barney is a bonafide war hero, as well as being a former member of Governor Markell’s cabinet. Ken Simpler has been the CFO of businesses that have a portfolio that could be comparable to what he’ll be handling if he wins the Treasurer race. Honestly both would do an excellent job, and I’ve thought a lot about who would be best to vote for.

As much as I like Sean Barney, and he is a great guy, Ken Simpler has the financial experience needed for this office. I’m confident that in any other position I’d likely be voting for Barney, but for Treasurer this is all about the numbers here.

Either man is a good choice for the job.

Either man is a good choice for the job.

Delaware State Auditor Race:
Brenda Mayrack v. Tom Wagner
I’m voting for: Tom Wagner

Tom Wagner is the lone Republican who holds office in the state of Delaware. He’s done a tremendous job for over 20 years, and no one works as hard as Tom does at his job. He has the experience, he knows the job, if you vote Democrat in EVERY other race tomorrow I’d ask that you heavily weigh the Auditor race and consider voting for Tom Wagner.

Plus he's always wearing his trademark suspenders.

Plus he’s always wearing his trademark suspenders.

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3 comments on “Delaware Voting Guide: How I’m Voting Tomorrow
  1. kensaied says:

    I have to say that I am on the same line as you in this election. I wanted to vomit when I heard the first Kevin Wade commercial on the radio and he has an awesome budget going in the PAC community (I reference his 8 billboards on 273 between 13 and 2 alone) but little to do with what makes a difference in Delaware. On the other hand, Chris Coons is one of the leading advocates for technology and innovation as per Popular Mechanics ( – His stance on some things does bother the shit out of me (Net Neutrality, SOPA, etc.) but I have spent more time with him in the past few years than I have with any political entity in my life (family worked for the state for more than 30 years), so I am going to stick with him as overall he is not a bad guy.

    Yay mid-terms! So when does the gas price start to skyrocket again 😉


    • What drives me nuts is the party doesn’t seem to be able to field a candidate for Senator that recognizes what is important to Delawareans, while at the same time having Conservative ideals. You need a real moderate for that, and they don’t seem to either be able to find one or want one.

      • kensaied says:

        In all honesty we (as in Delaware) are not that big nor important to the party, too much blue in the pool to make any real inroads anyway 😦

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