A Political Reading of Mario Puzo’s The Godfather.

This is a fascinating take on “The Godfather” that I really enjoyed reading.


Vito Corleone appears to be the founding father of an alternative model of America, in which the power of money, the means and end of a bourgeois economy, is negated. It is not merely that the wealthy are stripped of power once the Godfather has intervened, for a man can make nothing of his talents if he is not endorsed by the Godfather. Even a man with no particular talents may succeed with his backing. But does this patronage signify a retreat into feudal certainties, a lapse into the sort of cartels and syndicates which capitalists use themselves to master capitalism, or the dawn of an entirely new social system? Admittedly, a thwarted Jack Woltz will resort to the word only out of temper:

People didn’t have the right to act that way. It was insane. It meant you couldn’t do what you wanted with your own money, with the…

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