A Guide to the Delaware Republican Primary

I created a quick rundown of information, along with some resources, for some of the major races in the Republican primary next week. I didn’t go past State level because my specific district isn’t having any local primaries, the only primary candidates I will be able to vote on will be in the race for United States Senator, and the race for Delaware State Treasurer.

First up I’m going to discuss the race for United States Senator. I’d like to preface this by saying that the reason the Republican party lost this race last time is that we chose an unelectable crazy woman (I’m being nice here) named Christine O’Donnell over a very electable moderate Republican (some would say RINO) named Mike Castle. You may have heard about that whole fiasco.

That said, let’s take a moment to look at the Republican candidates up for Senate for next week’s primary. First off we have Carl Smink…whose website outlines a laundry list of positions that have been reeeeeally just racking in the votes for Delaware Republicans. I just want to note that was sarcasm in that last sentence, I know it doesn’t do to well in text. What he wants:

-Get us out of the U.N.
-Strengthen and preserve traditional families
-Protect the dignity of life and marriage
-Overturn the Obamacare mandate
-Stop government harassment of Christians
-Very strong supporter of the 2nd Amendment

I’ll stop there as you can review the rest on his website.

Then we have Kevin Wade running against Carl Smink. Let’s take a looksee here…

-Stop our government from spying, snooping and prying on the American People!
-Secure our border and care for Americans in need first.
-Supports NeighborHealth: A replacement for ObamaCare
-Stance on abortion can be seen here: http://www.ontheissues.org/senate/Kevin_Wade.htm
-Stands about equal to Smink on gun rights

His platform as he states it can mostly be found here:

Smink - Wade

I’m not really in agreement that Kevin Wade is electable either, however, if I’m going to have to choose the lesser of two evils I’m probably going to go with Wade. He at least sounds more Libertarian than Tea Party to me. In the end I think Coons will likely crush either of them, but Wade has a better fighting chance, and at least sends a message to Sussex County Republicans that we no longer will tolerate batshit crazy candidates. For the News Journal article on the two of them check out this link: http://www.delawareonline.com/story/news/politics/2014/08/27/gop-senate-candidates-different-callings/14721343/

For Delaware State Treasurer we have a primary race that really shouldn’t be a race, at least in my opinion. Ken Simpler announced months ago that he was going to be running against the winner of the Democratic primary, and he put himself out there in the press, actively challenging the Democrats Chip Flowers and Sean Barney to prove that they have better credentials and experience then him.

Sher Valenzuela comes off as more of an opportunist. She filed the last day that she could, which could be construed as a very cagey move considering incumbent Chip Flowers was pretty much out of the race around this point due to a number of scandals in his office. Since she was unable to beat Matt Denn for Lieutenant Governor a few years back, she may have thought she couldn’t tackle an incumbent Democrat in Delaware, but suddenly she has an opportunity to go after a relative newcomer in Sean Barney and she’s thrown her hat in the election ring.

This move actually reminds me a lot of what Christine O’Donnell did against Mike Castle. Mike Castle announced early, did the heavy lifting against the Democrats, and then O’Donnell swooped in and slung so much mud the Castle campaign did not have time to react. Valenzuela seems to be doing the same, if the fliers in many Republican’s mailboxes are any indication.

Sher Valenzuela

That’s three to one, with the three being Sher’s.

Simpler has fired back, but relied mostly on touting his own financial expertise. While Valenzuela does have some financial experience, Simpler has worked with larger portfolios comparable in size to the Delaware State portfolio, and that’s why I’ll likely vote for him on Tuesday. He just seems better qualified. Also, he just seems like a more stand up candidate then Valenzuela, a candidate who will run a good race against the Democrat Sean Barney.

For more information on the Valenzuela/Simpler race you can read this article written by the News Journal here: http://www.delawareonline.com/story/news/politics/2014/08/30/treasury-race-gop-also-fighting/14870957/

So just to conclude everything, on Tuesday I’ll be voting for Kevin Wade for U.S. Senate and Ken Simpler for Delaware Treasurer. I’m not 100% certain on who I will be voting for in the actual election coming up in a few months, but we’ll have some time to see what hatches out of the debates after the primaries next week.

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