The Right and Left Both Missed the Point on Hobby Lobby

Hobby Lobby 1So I’ve been watching my friends on the Right and the Left tear each other apart over the  Hobby Lobby issue the past few weeks, and now it’s hopefully cooled down enough where I won’t get my asshole ripped for voicing an opinion on it. I doubt it heavily, but hell I figured why not butt my opinion in as well. I actually liked the Supreme Court’s ruling, but not for the reasons the Supreme Court gave. If you’ve read my blog before you may have stumbled across my post on “Are Libertarians Being Pussies?“.  Chances are you haven’t read my blog before, so to summarize: I don’t like the government telling businesses what to do. Certainly some regulation of various industries is needed, but I’m a big proponent of most businesses being left to their own devices, particularly regarding most social issues. That’s a very generalized statement of my beliefs, feel free to pick that one apart, as I’m sure as soon as you read that a good percentage of you are already making cases against it.

So you can probably deduce that I was in favor of Hobby Lobby being able to say, “We object to providing this healthcare option”, because the government shouldn’t have the right to tell them what they do and do not provide. I actually hated the argument Hobby Lobby used, however, which was that they were exercising their freedom of religion, because I think that is a really shaky argument at best, and opening Pandora’s box at worst. I disagree with the Left that this is Hobby Lobby pushing their religion on their employees. More it was the employees of Hobby Lobby that was trying to push their beliefs onto the company.

I'll get to you in a few paragraphs, don't worry.

I sort of agree, and I’ll get to you in a few paragraphs.

Matt Walsh, who is a conservative blogger I love to hate, made an excellent point that I’ll repeat: employees at Hobby Lobby apply to the job knowing that Hobby Lobby is a Christian company. (or they should) If the customers or employees of Hobby Lobby want them to change their views then they should organize a boycott, write them letters, use the free marketplace to punish them. Don’t look to the government to fight your battles for you. If Hobby Lobby is willing to own up to the consequences of their decisions they should have every right to. I feel the same way about Chik-Fil-A, and whatever other backwards thinking companies are out there.

Now that I’ve sufficiently pissed of most Left minded thinkers, I have a Libertarian solution that I think you may like. At least keep an open mind when I pitch it to you. Freedom Works and Julie Borowski make a very good argument in their most recent video:

She makes an excellent point. Your boss shouldn’t be involved in your healthcare at all, it shouldn’t be your boss’ business. A great solution to this whole situation is instead of  having businesses pay for healthcare, how about you-get-free-birth-control-oprah-borderwe take the burden of healthcare off businesses, allow them to raise wages proportionate to the amount they save, and have the employees directly purchase their healthcare! A win-win-win scenario. If as a private citizen you don’t want healthcare then you get a nice pay bump, and if you do want it then your healthcare is just between you and the insurance provider of your choice.

It’s a highly idealistic and unlikely option, as there is a lot of money tied up in the government mandated socialization of healthcare, and we’ll likely never see it come to pass, but I am sick to death of seeing people argue over this thing like the government should force one side or the other to do something when they don’t like it. At least with this solution the Right gets their “religious freedom” and the Left can abort a child any number of ways they want, and maybe they’ll all shut up for fifteen minutes. I heavily doubt that one, too. Oh well.


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2 comments on “The Right and Left Both Missed the Point on Hobby Lobby
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    Reblogged this on Omaha News & World Report.

  2. njncguy says:

    You’re dead on in your thinking.

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