Why the LGBT Community is Winning: A Love Letter to the Religious Right

To Whom It May Concern,

19 states down…31 to go. Within recent years the LGBT community has managed to swing the tide against the conservative right, and have begun winning an impressive string of victories nationwide for Marriage Equality.

Michael Sam and BoyfriendI am a conservative, so I do in fact read from conservative news outlets and blogs. I have seen those disgusted by Michael Sam kissing his boyfriend after getting drafted into the NFL, I’ve seen many of them yell “thought police” when the Benham brothers lost their chance at an HGTV show, and I’ve been privileged to see many Christians claim to being “persecuted” by militant gay rights activists who are “intolerant” of their religious beliefs.

I have a note for the religious right, and I mean this in the most loving way possible: you are wrong and you will lose. You will be drug kicking and screaming, and from what we’ve seen you will be kicking and screaming the entire way, into a future where “unfortunately” what is written in the Bible will not be law for all people in the United States. Anarchy will reign, as you no longer will be able to control the private lives of your fellow citizens with your enormous private club that has had a monopoly on “thought policing” for the last 100 years.

You know how we are winning? You know why things have flipped so quickly in two decades? Let me let you in on a little secret.

We’re winning because you made us into a cohesive community, and I suppose I should thank you for that. You cast us out, you called us names, you ignored us, and YOU made us rely on each other. The LGBT community is one of the most tight knit groups in all of the world, and you want to know why? We all share a common experience:


JesusJesus called us all to live as brothers and sisters, and you turned your back on us. Despite that, however, we found acceptance in brothers and sisters who did not judge us for who we are, the LGBT community, a group that will rush to the aid of any of its members because for the longest time no one else would.  Slowly, we had the strength to come out into open in front of the straight community, and you’ll never guess what happened? Normal people saw that we were normal people. It’s the darnedest thing that when people see that we’re just like them they stopped hating us and believing your lies about us.

On a truly unfortunate note, apparently a lot of you folks haven’t gotten the memo yet that you can’t control our lives any longer, and that you at the very least are going to have to live with us working for the same businesses you do, eating at the same restaurants you do, and having the same rights under the government that you have enjoyed since the late 1700s.

So while multiple courts (including the Supreme Court) have ruled on our side, multiple states have struck down “traditional marriage” laws and bans, and public opinion has swung to our point of view I can’t help but wonder…what do you have left?

You have your own archaic interpretation of a book you cling to as you violate its very principles, you have a point of view that is so selfishly skewed I can’t help but feel pity for you as you wallow in your jealousy of our community possibly gaining the rights you try to keep from us, and lastly you have your crumbling institutions that followers are flocking from in droves because of scandal and hypocrisy.

It’s no wonder you don’t care about being on the right side of history, you don’t seem to care about much else besides keeping what you believe is yours to yourselves.

If you’ve ever read anything else I have written you may be confused because this letter seems to be the antithesis of how I feel people should win over the other side. You would be right. That said, I feel strongly that it is our responsibility to call others to reason when they are lost.

I have said what I have said here because so many of our religious brothers and sisters have proven that they are so very, very lost.

Peter Fitzpatrick Jr.

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2 comments on “Why the LGBT Community is Winning: A Love Letter to the Religious Right
  1. Kip says:

    Wow, you sound nearly as cruel as those on the other side. That’s your choice, but it doesn’t really invite an open and honest discussion. Also, as to the archaic interpretation of the Bible, I think they’re just interpreting the Bible to suit their prejudices. All that being said, I strongly support true equality for all.

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