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So day three of the Zero to Hero challenge is to talk about “What’s on my mind”, or rather why did I start up my blog. This coincides with a topic that I wanted to talk about, which hits remarkably close to why I started my blog, so I suppose that’s rather fortuitous. What I want to talk about today is the Duck Dynasty/A&E issue, as well as the Chris Kluwe statement that came out last week.

I started this blog mainly because I see a lot of hypocrisy out there. One week conservatives will be in an uproar over an issue that liberals are defending, and then the next week the pendulum shifts and the liberals are defending the same issue the conservatives were defending the week before.  It drives me bonkers, and the Chris Kluwe/Duck Dynasty stuff is case in point. Let’s look at some of those headlines and Tweets regarding Duck Dynasty. I’m not going to tediously detail what went down, you are all probably sick of hearing about it already. If you haven’t here is a decent rundown of what occurred.

Duck Dynasty

Duck Dynasty 2

We’ll put aside the point that no one was actually infringing on Phil Robertson’s free speech, rather he was just suffering the consequences for opening his mouth and practicing his right to free speech, and get to a contrasting point of view: Chris Kluwe. He came out this week in a Deadspin article saying he was fired for his views on Marriage Equality. Let’s see what conservatives had to say about Kluwe being fired for expressing his own free speech…

Kluwe Conservative PostsNow as as Libertarian I feel that both organizations should have every right to fire whomever they want for whatever views they espouse. Running a business should be about your bottom line, and if you want to sacrifice your bottom line for a political view or similar reason that’s your business. It’s why I kept my mouth shut during the Duck Dynasty thing, (other than to ridicule Joe Bob up there on his fashion choices) and now it is why I’m super pissed about the Kluwe issue.

Folks seem to like to throw out arguments when it only suits their agenda nowadays,  and there is no better litmus test for hypocrisy in your world views than this. Where did all those conservative talking heads that defended Robertson and his “free speech” go? For that matter, where the fuck were all the liberals the are supporting Kluwe when Robertson was fired? Both sides bloody turn my stomach, because there is no consistency in anything anyone is saying.

I don’t care which side you are on in either issue, just for the love of God please try to stay consistent in your criticisms when this kind of stuff happens.

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One comment on “What’s On My Mind
  1. lee says:

    You said it quite well. The hypocrisy from both ends drives me nuts, too.

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