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I am a very unhappy person when I’m bored, and as a result I’ve picked up a number of habits like gaming, reading, and the like to ensure that I always have something to keep my attention. Within the last year or two, since video game streaming has become a bit of a “thing”, I’ve slowly been discovering online podcasts, Youtube shows, and Twitch.TV streams to follow. A lot of these folks have great entertainment value to what they’re putting out, so I figured I’d gather up a list of the people I follow, and elaborate a little bit on what makes them worth following.

Not all of these channels and personalities are related to gaming, but the vast majority are. If this is well received I may do a follow up on on channels I enjoy, but for now this is just sort of a filler post until I get my thoughts together on another issue.

Twitter: @Lethalfrag

Lethalfrag is the ultimate gentleman gamer. He started the two year live stream challenge almost a year and a half ago in an attempt to see if it would be feasible for him to quit his day job and stream for a living.  He’s attracted quite a following, and fostered a great sense of community amongst his subscribers. He heavily moderates his chat channels to ensure everyone is polite and friendly to each other, and often selflessly promotes other streamers or community members in an effort to help them gain followers. He himself typically streams late night on Twitch TV, usually playing mostly indie titles like Super Meat Boy, Binding of Isaac, Rogue Legacy, etc. He has most all his gaming sessions uploaded to Twitch TV, so if you want to check out a particular game just browse on through his saved recordings.

Nice Peter

Twitter: @nicepeter

One half of the duo that produces the ever popular Epic Rap Battles of History, Nice Peter is a music artist with a heavy leaning towards improv comedy.  He has a lot of material out there that he’s produced, but my favorite work of his is on his Monday shows. He is a super positive person, and not in the fake self help kind of way, but in a way that is generally pretty positive and entertaining. He comes across as a legitimately great guy, and tackles a wide variety of topics on the show.

The Yogscast

Twitter: @Yogscast

The Yogscast is a group of Youtube artists who have, on the tails of the success of the main Yogscast duo Simon & Lewis, built a network of gamers that tackle almost every single flavor of video gaming.  Some of the channels are run by more serious Yogscast members like Duncan or Rythian, while others are run by guys that are a little more humor oriented like Sips and Sjin. Each brings a unique flavor to the mix, and nearly all of them are entertaining in their own right. The majority of the Yogscast are dedicated to Mincraft videos, but every single one has branched out into other titles as well.

Game Grumps

Twitter: @GameGrumps

The Game Grumps are a duo that pretty much bullshits and cracks jokes while playing classic video games of the 80s and 90s. The duo was recently changed up, as longtime Grump JonTron left to focus more on his own Youtube series. Despite a lot of fans balking at replacing JonTron, the new Grump Danny has a great improv comedy background, and the show is just as funny as ever. Hell, I personally find Danny funnier than Jon, but that’s just my preference.

The channel also features a new show called Stream Train that highlights Indie games on the Steam platform. While they also do classic games, most of the play throughs on Steam Train tend to be more modern.

Extra Credits

Twitter: @extracreditz

If you’ve read my blog then you’ve likely seen me link these guys before. I absolutely love Extra Credits. These guys are a group of folks in the game development community that tackle any number of topics ranging from trolling in the gaming community, to starting up an indie game company, to what genre and trends are missing from the game industry today. These guys really know their stuff, and even though the show is only 5 minutes each week they manage to cram a whole lot of information into each segment.

Julie Borowski

Twitter: @JulieBorowski

Julie Borowski is a Libertarian policy analyst. She puts out a topical Youtube show that addresses various hot button political issues from the Libertarian point of view. She’s funny, well educated, and has some great ideas and opinions relating to current events, I highly recommend checking out her channel.

Big Think

Twitter: @bigthink

Big Think is a bit difficult to describe. The sell themselves as a group that tries to promote thinking better and faster by adhering to the ideas propagated by many of the scientific minds and mentors they work with. Many of their members are skeptics and atheists, but most all of them are members of the scientific community. They have some fascinating pieces on religion, politics, and psychology. I don’t always agree with what they have to say, but I usually always find their pieces to be thought provoking.

Davey Wavey

Twitter: @thedaveywavey

Davey Wavey is a prominent LGBT blogger and Youtube artist, who honestly can be a little irritating in some of his videos. He’s a bit of a motivational speaker/fitness guru, but a lot of his material is really funny and interesting. He focuses on LGBT issues almost exclusively, and often will be collaborating with other LGBT bloggers in many of his pieces.

Totalbiscuit, the Cynical Brit

Twitter: @Totalbiscuit

Totalbiscuit is best known for his voice, which is heavily accented for a Brit. He has a couple of Youtube channels where he will review games, show footage of some of his game play throughs, and talk about various trends in the gaming community today. His popularity in the Starcraft community has lead to him Shoutcasting, which is essentially acting as an announcer, for a number of Starcraft tournaments. He’s no nonsense, and many viewers think he’s a bit of an asshole for his unapologetic approach to reviewing games and saying exactly what is on his mind.

Hot Pepper Game Reviews

Twitter: @HotPepperGaming

Hot Pepper Game Reviews is pretty much just a novelty, but it is very entertaining. They bring on various Youtube gaming personalities to review mostly Indie game titles, typically ones found on Steam. Before the review they eat a hot pepper, and then they are forced to try to review the game without anything to drink or eat until they are finished.

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