Exceptional Care for Children: Magical Journey 2013

About a year ago I participated in Ignite Newark, which is an event where a number of presenters come together to talk about a pretty wide variety of topics. I was told I could do any topic, with the catches being that I had to have a Power Point Presentation accompanying it that included no more than 20 slides and 5 minutes worth of material. If you’re so inclined to hunt it down you can check it out here. It’s about 5 minutes of me rambling on about P.J. Fitzpatrick’s social media expansion over the past couple years.

At Ignite Newark I was exposed to a number of presentations, including one done by Maureen Langston. She works for Exceptional Care for Children, a non-profit that improves the lives of technology-dependent children and their families through skilled nursing, transitional and palliative care. She was presenting on the ECC trip to Disney World that they took the children on earlier that year. Here’s the video.

I really liked the charity, and was impressed at the lengths they went to not only to get the children down to Disney World, but also how they worked tirelessly to ensure that all the kids got to do the things they wanted to do regardless of their limitations. Now, with the business we work with a lot of charities over the year, and I tend to work out which charities we’ll be working with months in advance. I definitely filed away ECC as a charity I wanted to work with in the future, I just didn’t know exactly what social media angle we’d take when we partnered up.

So after sitting with a few folks in the marketing department, and talking it over with Maureen at ECC, we came up with an idea. I talk about it over on P.J. Fitzpatrick’s Youtube channel in one of my first forays into video editting. You’ll have to forgive me on the audio, I’m having a few growing pains while learning things from scratch.

So essentially we’re asking folks to visit P.J. Fitzpatrick’s Facebook page to post a picture with them holding a message, either for the kids going to Disney World, or a message about why Exceptional Care for Children is so great. For each person who posts a picture throughout the month of July we’ll donate $5.00 to Magical Journey 2013. We thought this would be a fun and engaging way to not only raise awareness for ECC, but also help to fund the next trip to Disney World. If you’d like to participate mosey on over to https://www.facebook.com/pjfitzpatrickinc to submit a picture. I’m going to be submitting one myself, but I may need to redo it. Marker didn’t come out as dark as I wanted.

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