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The Spectrum Crunch

I recently received a text message from my cell phone provider, AT&T. I had been aware for some time that the unlimited data package I have is no longer available, and that if I upgrade my phone I will lose

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Nintendo: Kicking Fans in the Balls Since the Late 90s

I could go on a lengthy rant about what is wrong with Nintendo nowadays, and I probably will at some point. The main reason why I’ve been pushed away from being a Nintendo fan boy is that they now have decided

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Penny Arcade Kickstarter: Why Haterz Be Hatin’

Last year Penny Arcade, the web comic founded by Mike Krahulik and Jerry Holkins, launched a Kickstarter campaign so that they could run their website without any advertisements. This would mean that they would be able to produce content directly for their fans, without

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Delaware Marriage Equality Victory: A Fiddler on a Roof

So I may not be the most mature person out there. I most certainly wanted to make this post a lot more pointed towards the opposition of the Marriage Equality Bill in Delaware, but in the end I changed my

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Why I Won’t Buy from Electronic Arts

I dislike Electronic Arts (EA) nowadays. I really quite strongly dislike them. I dislike them enough to not buy anything they put out there on principal alone. I consider that quite a feat for a gaming company, especially one that

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