A Sane Person’s Guide to Abortion Regulation

You and I may very well disagree on whether or not abortion should be legal. You and I may disagree on when we should define a fetus as a person. I find that most regular, ordinary people like to keep their nose out of the debate one way or the other nowadays, as argument on the issue tends to be incendiary. Both the Pro-Life and Pro-Choice movements can be a lot like the Democrat and Republican parties: heavy on theatrics, and extremely stubborn. So stubborn in fact that they are hurting innocent people in the process of trying to get their way, and that’s what I want to talk about today. I want to talk about a topic that SHOULD be big in Delaware right now, and I hope given recent events that it does in fact become heavily discussed. I would like to talk about abortion regulation.

Dr. Kermit Gosnell

Dr. Kermit Gosnell

Dr. Kermit Gosnell recently made news headlines in Delaware when evidence came to light that not only was he performing late term abortions, and in some instances allegedly killing babies born to women at his clinic, but also a 41 year old women died under his staff’s care when they administered too much pain medication. Apparently the conditions of his clinic were also deplorable, with the prosecutors bringing many pieces of equipment from the facility into the courtroom to demonstrate bloodstains and accumulated rust. You can read the latest on the story in this Delaware Online article from April 8th: Abortion Clinic Worker Testifies at Doctor’s Trial.

Planned Parenthood of Wilmington

Planned Parenthood of Wilmington

The Gosnell case is by far one of the worst stories heard in recent days, but it is not an isolated incident. You may recall my blog post entitled “Rae Stabosz Attacked Outside Planned Parenthood“.  In it I discuss Rae Stabosz being assaulted as she tried to document an ambulance that was taking a woman who had a “botched” abortion from the Wilmington Planned Parenthood to a nearby emergency room. Well, an investigative journalist at 6 ABC recently spoke to two employees of that facility, and what they uncovered was shocking. You can review the video on their site: Delaware Abortion Clinic Faces Charges of Unsafe and Unsanitary Conditions. The conditions they describe are eerily similar in description to the conditions of Gosnell’s office. In the article attached to that video they mention that ,”In Delaware, abortion clinics are not subject to routine inspections. The state only steps in when they have a patient complaint. Planned Parenthood is essentially in charge of inspecting itself”. When speaking to a representative of the Department of Health and Human Services they said they don’t have the manpower to do routine inspections.

Let’s take a step back a moment and forget which side of the abortion debate we’re on. I think any sane person would agree that we need to examine the regulation of abortion clinics in the state of Delaware. I’m not asking you to agree with me that we should stop abortions entirely. I’m not asking that we make it harder to get an abortion. While those are goals of mine, that is not what I am asking here. I am asking that we mandate the Department of Health and Human Services  begin performing regular inspections of all abortion facilities, and that they enforce stricter standards upon the personnel working there.

The problem here is that many of the most vocal on both sides of the abortion debate would attempt to oppose legislation that would require the kind of regulation I’m talking about, and mostly out of either fear or stubbornness. American Right to Life  opposes any regulation of the abortion industry, short of closing it down entirely, because “Child killing regulations just prune the abortion weed, and strengthen its root”. That is a direct quote of Jason Troyer of Colorado Right to Life. They would rather see unsafe abortion practices continue so that they can strengthen their argument to end abortion entirely.


Many that are Pro-Choice fear any regulation.

The Pro-Choice side isn’t much better in this respect. On NARAL Pro-Choice America’s website they discuss the history of the Pro-Life movement attempting to “chip away” at Roe vs. Wade. In their article Abortion Bans Endanger Women’s Health they conclude that:

“The Supreme Court long articulated that abortion regulations must protect a woman’s health. Then President Bush reconfigured the court and within months it reversed course. In the meantime, anti-choice activists continue to press for abortion restrictions that endanger women’s health and put their safety at risk. American women are relying on lawmakers and courts to reject such dangerous and unwise proposals.”

Now here they are talking about a number of different laws and bans, however, their skepticism of the “Anti-Choice” movement to actually be concerned with the safety of the mother comes through very clearly. Most Pro-Choice groups are scared to allow any regulatory laws to pass, mostly because they feel like it is the Pro-Life movement attempting to use regulation as a stepping stone to making abortion illegal again. AmplifyYourVoice.org went as far to say, “Would you allow the government to tell you if you could have a kidney transplant or a blood transfusion? Of course not. The fact that we even consider, let alone allow, governments to regulate a medical procedure is both illogical and foolish”. You can see where we have a problem here. On both sides of this debate they are so polarized and militantly minded that those that would rightfully call for regulation of the abortion industry are drowned out. The issue is that moderate voices usually are drowned out in this country, and that is a problem. One that we need to address NOW.

My suggestions regarding regulatory measures that I think we all could agree with? Well, the Family Council proposed and explained several regulations in a policy brief  for “The Abortion Patient’s Enhanced Safety Act”. The act proposes that abortion clinics be treated the same as ambulatory surgical centers, which are facilities that allow patients to receive outpatient surgical procedures outside a hospital setting. They are much more closely monitored, and are held to standards that I think we all can agree are fairly reasonable. This would ensure that the clinics are monitored regularly, and women are receiving the treatment and care they deserve. While I don’t always agree with the Family Council, I think most sane thinking persons could agree that this could be a good approach to better regulating abortion.

I certainly hope Delaware considers it.


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One comment on “A Sane Person’s Guide to Abortion Regulation
  1. bozo says:

    I’ve always thought that if a woman has an abortion for any reason other than the life of the mother, the FATHER should be surgically castrated. Snip snip. Problem solved. Men are rewarded by abortions, as they are off the hook for child support. The financial incentives are all wrong, so put some skin in the game. I guarantee men would put a helmet on that soldier…maybe two. Sen. Colburn (R) bragged about sterilizing underage girls after multiple pregnancies. The girl is only half the problem here, though.

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